RoyalTek is a total solution provider for fully-assembled accessories containing essential mechanical and electronic components. We specialize in the integration of design, manufacturing, and testing for individuals. As the company has full control over the technology and production of such key components, and also has the expertise in electrical-mechanical integration, we have been able to deliver consistent quality and timely shipment. Our worldwide customers spreads throughout industires like automotive, navigation, safety, leisure, sports, multimedia, mountaineering and Tourism...etc, Our technological advantages are as follow.

At RoyalTek, we believe that the SAP ERP system is utilized throughout the company not only to support internal procedures from customer order, material control, shop flow, hub service and delivery, but also to effectively facilitate our global logistic management. Our broad scope of services and supply chain solutions provide customers with quick response in areas of planning, forecasting, engineering, pricing, order fulfillment, and inventory management. We also enable streamline the processes and increase visibility, accuracy, and communication.

Industrial Design

RoyalTek is flexible and adaptive to your needs, so that we can produce the best products possible for your company.

Program Management

Our dedicated group of Program Managers lead each program from product concept through end of its life. We provide our customers with support, problem solving and leadership at every phase of a project. Program Managers coordinate the resources of the company for each product.

Material Management

Our material procurement and management services include planning, purchasing, expediting and warehousing of components and materials used in the manufacturing process. Our manufacturing and assembly operations capitalize on our materials inventory management expertise and volume procurement capabilities. As a result, we are able to achieve highly competitive cost reductions and total manufacturing cycle time for our customers.


RoyalTek quality management emphasize the integration of product design quality assurance and manufacturing quality control. During design stage, the well defined internal and external verification tests are provided by various design support functions. In-process quality assurance processes at the manufacturing level execute the production plan as schedules while meeting the quality expectation of our customers.


Functional test

Environment test

Burn-in test

ESD test

Vibration test

Drop test

Distribution Logistics

RoyalTek offers global distribution and logistic strategies to support our customer’s delivery requirements. We know our customers require quick time to market and balance the need for speed in delivery with inventory control in order to control total cost.


RoyalTek provides repair service and reverse logistics. We manage warranty returns for replacement or repair through return material authorization (RMA) processing. Our engineers utilize state of the art technology to duplicate customer findings.