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RoyalTek at the AutoTronics Taipei(AMPA) 2014 exhibition

March 24, 2014 ‒ Founded in 1997, RoyalTek is a leading player in the field of the multi-constellation GNSS market. It supplies its solutions worldwide to car manufacturers and brand companies. Its know-how lays in providing integrated in-house design, software, hardware, RF, digital signal integration and manufacturing services (ODM/OEM) for worldwide GNSS and automotive market. Today, it combines these skills with Android framework to supply a state-of-the-art connected infotainment in-dash navigation system with effective costs.

The newest In-Dash 2DIN system from RoyalTek equips with 7 inches or 8 inches display and voice command. It shows navigation information and multimedia function at the same time on the main screen. We optimize the Android OS to combine the advantage between 2DIN system and mobile phone. End user could find the POI on the phone then push one function key on 2Din system to get destination. It’s a seamless design to connect iPhone and Android phone to the system and what shows on phone will also display on the screen.

The solutions will be featured at RoyalTek's booth # L4-12 at the AutoTronics Taipei(AMPA) 2014 conference and exhibition beginning on April 9, 2014 in Taiwan.