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RoyalTek at 2017 CES

Taiwan - January 3, 2017 - 

Vehicle electrification and sensor technologies underlie a revolution in safe driving. CES, known as the world's gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies, serves as the perfect platform. RoyalTek will demonstrate how its new technologies to activate your driving safety in its exhibit at CES, Jan. 5-8, 2017, located in Booth no. 2808, Westgate, in Las Vegas.


Around view monitor with two or four cameras enable detect pedestrian around the vehicle when it is in park or slowly maneuvering. The system then alerts the driver both visually and audibly. The new active warning AVN System includes pedestrian detection, lane departure warning and forward collision warning. The 4K driving record function is firstly added. The 24Ghz BSD radar technology that collects information behind the vehicle and feeds it to the respective driver assistant system is also paramount. The OMEN designed as a phone case to benefit from 5.9GHz WAVE/DSRC technology for pedestrians, bicyclists, Motorcyclists and disabilities to enhance road safety through the smart phone.


About RoyalTek
RoyalTek is founded in December, 1997, and it has been focusing on developing global satellite positioning and wireless communication technology in recent two decades. Starting from 2010, RoyalTek combines these skills with Android framework to supply a state-of-the-art connected infotainment in-dash navigation system. Today, RoyalTek announce new achievement of active driver assistant system developed from 2014.


RoyalTek’s major products include audio video navigation system (AVN), portable navigation device (PND), advanced driving assistance system (ADAS), and driving video recorder (DVR), electronic accessories for automobiles and engine board for GPS.


Welcome to take a look the video to know how RoyalTek will demo in 2017 CES.



For more information, please visit RoyalTek web site http://www.royaltek.com.